Sudanese Security Body Resumes its Travel Ban Series: Representatives of “Call Sudan” Powers Banned from Travelling to Attend European Parliament’s Session

Cairo: 9 June, 2015

 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) denounced the Sudanese security bodies’ continual use of travel ban decisions to restrict and clamp down on the opposition. On June 8, the security bodies banned a delegation of Call Sudan powers’ representatives from travelling so as to attend the European Parliament’s session without giving reasons.

 A delegation of “Sudan Call” representatives- includes Dr. Mariam Sadeq Al-Mahdy, Eng. Sedeek Youssef, Mohamed Abdullah Al-Douma, Hassan Imam Hassan, Fathy Nouri, Tarek Abdel-Meguid, and Moheed Sedeek- were heading to attend the European Parliament’s session on peace prospects and democratic reforms in Sudan, dated the 8th of June; however, the security bodies banned them from travelling and seized their passports with no charge pressed or reasons given. Noticeably, the security bodies inhibited Dr. “Farah Aqar” of travelling last Sunday, June 7. Aqar was also heading to attend the EP’s session.

 “Seemingly, the Sudanese authorities with security bodies are clearly following a new tactic to clamp down on the opposition through the travel ban decisions, due to the growing incidents of travel ban imposed recently. Accordingly, it is seen as a new violation to be added to the series of Sudan’s violations against human rights; whereas the right to movement is a fundamental right can’t be deprived of, particularly there are no reasons or charges to ban their travel,” ANHRI said.

 Thus, ANHRI calls on the Sudanese authorities to immediately cease violations against the right to movement, which is a basic right guaranteed by the Constitution as well as all the international charters and agreements on human rights and violating them is a breach of all their international commitments.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information