NUP calls for Sudan to recognise SRF, cancel 'absurd elections'

20 November 2014

 The National Umma Party (NUP), led by El Sadig El Mahdi has called on the Sudanese government to recognise the rebel Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF). It also demands that the Khartoum government engage immediately in talks with them to stop the hostilities, facilitate humanitarian relief delivery, and exchange prisoners of war.

 In a statement with regard to its position on the Addis Ababa talks, the Umma Party also demanded the recognition of the Paris Declaration. “In the light of that, the African Union mechanism, led by Thabo Mbeki can be tasked with calling for a preparatory collective meeting to be held abroad, in order to develop a road map for a national constitutional forum.”

 The NUP suggests that this constitutional forum to be held in the Sudanese capital “for the conclusion of a just and comprehensive peace agreement”.

 The Party statement also called for the cancellation of what it termed “the absurd elections” scheduled for April 2015, which it said will cost the government about $2 billion.

 “Insisting on the presidency of El Bashir and ignoring the international resolutions would lead to the continued isolation of Sudan, internationally paralysing the Sudanese Government.

 NUP Co-Vice-President, Dr Maryam El Sadig El Mahdi, told Radio Dabanga that the Government’s insistence to task the security services with executive functions will increase the practice of violating the Constitution. She added that “tasking tribal militias with the defence of the national homeland is a breach of the defence mandate and risks the creation of tribal political agendas that increase the demise of the social fabric”.

Radio Dabanga