Interview with Dr Mariam Alsadig Almahdi

الدكتورة مريم الصادق المهدي



Melissa Chemam from Al Qarra TV interviews the Sudanese leader and opposition member of the Umma National Party Dr Mariam Alsadig Almahdi- also an advocate for human rights, democracy and women’s rights

The UNP wants a national meeting with all parties

Al Qarra – Hello and welcome on Al Qarra TV. Today we are talking about Sudan and Sudanese politics and for that we receive Mrs Mariam Alsagig Almahdi. Welcome. To introduce you, you are a member and the spokesperson of the UNP, the Umma National Party in Sudan, you are also an advocate for human rights, democracy and women’s right. Your party seems right now both close to the ruling party, the National Congress Party (NCP) and to some to some party from the opposition side. Can you explain to us what it does tell of your values and your political positions today for Sudan?

Dr Mariam Alsagig Almahdi – Thank you very much for putting this very important question because many of the ruling party officials would like to present us as you presented the party, because we are very much in opposition to the National Congress Party, the ruling party in Sudan, and to its policies and structures, and the conduct of its personnel. But we are not against the Sudan and its people and its well-being. So that’s why we keep in dialogue with the NCP but we are for a radical and comprehensive change for all policies of the NCP and actually we are now advocating for all our counterparts in Sudan for a comprehensive conference -a conference for total peace and democratic transformation. And that entails for all parties of Sudan to participate. But we are not waiting for the NCP; we keep telling the NCP about its erroneous policies and this is the main difference between the Umma National Party and the rest of the opposition. The other opposition parties are calling for the total boycott of NCP. We believe otherwise but at the same time we are very much committed to the radical change of the policies of the NCP. If the NCP would not change, then we would advocate to change it.

Al Qarra – Sudan is currently undergoing lots of changes. Is the UNP in favour of a peaceful transition even if it has to take a long time or a more radical change?

Dr Mariam Alsagig Almahdi – We are for a civil transformation. Of course, civil entails a lot of demonstrations, sit-ins, and disobedience. We are very much against the change through arms because we have tried it, we believe that yes it presents the case through the loudest voice, but Sudan has already been totally shattered by this way. That’s why we are working with our counterparts in the armed groups to find complementary ways for the total and radical change. And of course, we need a change as radical as possible to have a totally alternative programme, not only changing the people; as well it should be as speedy as possible because every day with the current policies it is devastating Sudan and its people more and more.

Al Qarra – According to you, is Sudan now more peace? Since the separation of South Sudan and its current conflicts on border issues, has the past year been bringing more peace in Sudan?

Dr Mariam Alsagig Almahdi – Of course it hasn’t at all. Sudan, after the separation in two countries, is now more in chaos, for the two Sudans. That is why we say we should take the Sudanese issues as a piecemeal, each in a separate venue, will not solve anything, actually, it would complicate the Sudanese matters. We are calling for a comprehensive and holistic approach. Including relations with the South is important, as well as a new constitution to be written by the participation of all people, as well as new economic policies and reforms, as well as relations with the international community which includes a settlement regarding the International Criminal Court (ICC) and its demands in Sudan. This all to settle the conflicts in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and South Kordofan and the Blue Nile region. So, as long as we keep doing that we believe it’s positive, like what happened lately in Addis Ababa where the international community pressed hard with using the economic crisis in both countries, Sudan and South Sudan, to enforce or to oblige a settlement in nine agreements. Unfortunately it is now dismantling and it might entail more conflict, as it was just opposed. So unfortunately the last year has been a very bad year in terms of security, in terms of the livelihood of the people, and economic crisis and in terms of violation of human rights.

Al Qarra – The ruling party and the power in the hands of President Omar Al Bashir seems to be weakened and its own party divided, what would be your recommendations for the party to find a new revival for the whole political system to work better in Khartoum right now?

Dr Mariam Alsagig Almahdi – Unless the NCP would agree to radical reforms needed for the stability of Sudan, by sitting with other Sudanese players, the NCP will have no place in the future of Sudan.

Dr Mariam Alsagig Almahdi, thank you very much for being with us

Al Qarra TV