H.E Dr. Mariam Almahdi’s speech during a joint conference on Women and girls after COVID-19

Dr. Mariam Almahdi
H.E Dr. Mariam Almahdi Sudan's Minister of Foreign Affairs



H.E Dr. Mariam Almahdi’s speech during a joint conference on Women and girls after COVID-19


Honorable Ministers
Ms. Marise Payne
Ms. Arancha Gonzalez laya

Dear ladies,

Good day from Sudan the country where change towards peace and democracy by marvelous revolution was led by women.  Ramadan Kareem!

Allow me at the outset to express my profound thanks and appreciation to Ms. Marise Payne The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of women of Australia, and Ms. Arancha Gonzalez laya Foreign Affairs, European union and cooperation of Spain for their leadership in women empowerment and gathering women foreign ministers around the subject of high worldwide concern, introducing them to each other and the feminine character of sisterhood, to join efforts and thoughts in addressing this matter of great priority and grave implications, by organizing this important event. Discretely but effectively in all matters detailed by honorable ministers.

My ladies
Honorable Colleagues

Females bodies are blessed with more capable immune system biologically being the bearer of humanity, with no exception to COVID-19, but it’s not the same story when social, economic and political factors are in to play.

The impact of COVID-19 deepened the pre-existing inequalities that cannot be neglected. These include deepening of poverty gap, decreased protection for vulnerable groups including women and girls, refugees, asylum-seekers an IDP’s, and increased gender based violence. The pandemic has also resulted in women being overburdened by Care-work in Frontline professions in medical and educational fields generating aggregated physical and emotional costs.

Ms President,

The humanity moral values and virtues have never been shown physically and materialistically, nor been put on visual display as happened with the dynamics and challenges presented with this ever-changing mutating virus. No one is safe unless everyone is safe is no more only a poetic slogan. It’s an operative compelling every save objective Homosapien to strategize and act according to its guidance for its fulfillment. This is a new domain of globalization inter-trans and intra national relations between countries, organizations and individuals. New ways of thinking, collaborating and implementing programs and essential existential.

Miss President

Sudan’s unique geographical location made it a transit destination and a source for legal and illegal immigration including human trafficking, having open borders with seven countries most of which suffer from conflict and economic instability. This together with the impact of the pandemic has rendered women and girls extremely vulnerable.
The government of Sudan through its national committee for combating trafficking and other relevant national ministries and agencies are fully committed, in spite of the limited resources to protecting and securing women’s rights.

In order to meet the challenges posed by the pandemic the government amended the anti-trafficking act of 2014, by increasing the penalties on Perpetrators. The anti-trafficking boat for the year 2020 was also passed. The national committee of trafficking has also drawn up a national plan for the year 2021-2023 aiming at prevention, protection of victims and criminal prosecution, as well as strengthening regional and international cooperation.

Ms. President

Sudan government look forward to cooperation with all the institutions and organizations working in The fight against human trafficking especially in the areas of training and capacity building of offices in charge of the monitoring and control of borders, And in strengthening the skills in victims identification. There is also a need for establishing a coordination mechanism between countries of the region to combat this phenomenon. This is beside engaging NGOs, civil society, communities and the private sector in this process.

Ms. President

Khartoum regional operations center was established in 2014 in collaboration with the EU as a result of what is known as Khartoum process. All the stakeholders were fully committed to combat the phenomenon with full coordination between EU and AU and it’s member states. Presently, Sudan is expected to see its role as the president of Khartoum process and it’s waiting for the handover from Netherlands in the coming few months.

Also there is a constructive negotiation between stakeholders to upgrade the center from a regional center to a continental operational center for combating human trafficking.


Finally, in spite of all the negative impact of the pandemic, we remain confident that it offers an opportunity to establish  innovative methods and procedures to ensure that women are not the most affected and have a say to design the COVID-19 recovery plans.

I thank you Ms President.